ⓘ Elk Bend, Idaho

Elk Bend, Idaho

ⓘ Elk Bend, Idaho

Elk Bend is an unincorporated community in Lemhi County, Idaho.

Elk bend was created in the mid 1960-ies as a set of property development projects. These projects were named unit estates salmon river 1 and 2, with meadows salmon and apps to it later. While land was acquired and held for many years, most community development does not occur until the early 2000s, when the inhabitants, who had previously acquired land in the area has reached retirement age and built houses and manufactured homes to retire.

Elk bend loosely organized around his local volunteer fire Department, and as such, the locals use their designated number of divisions of fire protection codes for real estate development to their communities. Unit 1 and 2 of the same direction and the names of their real designations of the property, but Luga salmon app and salmon meadows place blocks 3 and 4, respectively.

In local commercial development, Elk bend local RV Park / store and the sportsman Lodge and bar in unit 1. Each unit of immovable property is also served by a separate water supply and sanitation, with different rules and organizations for each of them. The rest of the community needs filled through the salmon to the North, or Challis to the South.

Local 7-digit local numbers starting with 894.

Elk bend is also credited as the home of dugout dick, which was constructed a number of dugouts, in caves which he had a hand he carved his entire life. The huts were collapsed and closed after his death, but his old cabin, where along the dugouts have long existed turned into tourist destination.

Us 93 serves the community, connecting it with salmon, located 21 km to the North and Challis is located 38 km to the South.

The elevation of elk bend is 4380 ft 1335 m above sea level. Goldbug / Hot springs near elk bend.

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