ⓘ Arda (band)

Arda (band)

ⓘ Arda (band)

Arda is a Russian heavy metal band that was formed in 2000 in Moscow, by vocalist Pavel Okunev.

Band made its breakthrough releasing their debut album "О скитаниях вечных и о земле" 2004 and mini-album "Экзорцист" 2005, with popular songs Egzorcist, Taet sneg, Mrak, Pervaya zima, Net nikogo, Krilyataya tma, Radi zvezd and Tolyko pilj. In 2007 they released their next studio album called "Море исчезающих времён" followed by EP "В небо" in 2009 and EP "Холод" in 2010. In 2011 Pavel Okunev changed all bandmembers and with new cast released full length albums "Там где земля становится морем" 2014 and "Северный Крест" 2017 and numerous singles and EPs: "Перерождение" 2011, "Полярная Звезда" 2013, "Мёртвая Вода" 2015 and "Экзорцист X" 2016 At october 2017 band released their first acoustic EP "Не угаснет надежда" which consists of 3 songs recorded with violin, cellos and percussion.

Arda performed a huge number of concerts in Russia, the Baltic States and Belarus. Took part in biggest Russian openairs like "Taman", Emmaus”," Nashestvie”, "Slava Rossii", "Motoyaroslavets”," NGFestival” and also supported bands like Papa Roach, Cradle of Filth, Sonic Syndicate in their Russian tours. ARDA appeared on air on various radio stations and recorded collaborations with the musicians of top Russian rock bands like "Аркона", "Louna", "Epidemia", "Black Obelisk", etc. Also Pavel Okunev sang bonus track in the new" Elven Manuscript" Elfiyskaya Rukopis – Russian most promoted rock-opera.


1. Discography

  • Море исчезающих времён 2007
  • Полярная звезда EP 2013
  • Там где земля становится морем 2014
  • Экзорцист X EP 2016
  • Холод EP 2010
  • Экзорцист 2005
  • О скитаниях вечных и о земле 2004
  • Северный Крест 2017
  • Не Угаснет Надежда 2017
  • Мертвая Вода Single 2015
  • В небо EP 2009
  • перерождение Single 2011
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