ⓘ Basegi (Range)

Basegi (Range)

ⓘ Basegi (Range)

Basegi is a mountain range in Middle Ural. Located in eastern portion of Perm Krai, on the border between Gremyachinsky and Gornozavodsky districts. It stretches meridionally. Its length is about 32 km, width is 5 km. Highest point is mount Middle Baseg, has a dome shape.

To the north of the range flows Usva River to the south is Vilva River. Basegi range in a source of the most of tributaries of these two main rivers. There are Basegi Nature Reserve, located on the foothills of range. To the north of Basegi range situated highest point of Middle Ural – Oslyanka.


1. Etymology

There are some versions about origins of the name. One of them is that word baseg’ derived from Komi-Permyak word basok’ and means beautiful’. Second version says that baseg’ is composition of words bas’ beautiful and eg’ river. There is also other version, that associate this word with surname Basegov’.

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