ⓘ London—Fanshawe (provincial electoral district)

London-Fanshawe (provincial electoral district)

ⓘ London-Fanshawe (provincial electoral district)

The district consists of the southeast part of the city of London.

In particular, it consists of the part of the city lying East and North of a line extending from the Northern boundary of the city South along Highbury Avenue North, West along the Thames river South branch South along the Canadian national railway, West along commissioners road East, South along Wharncliffe road South, East along Southdale road East, South along white oak road, East along Exeter road, North along Meg drive, Jalna West along the Boulevard North along Ernest Avenue, East along Bradley Avenue, North along Highbury Avenue on the South, East along Arran place and Bradley Avenue to the Eastern boundary of the city.

  • the New Democratic Party. The NDP s Irene Mathyssen won the seat of London - Fanshawe which was previously held by independent MP Pat O Brien. O Brien was
  • Candidates for the Liberal Party of Canada took part in all the 338 electoral districts in the 2015 Canadian federal election. 184 of them won their seat
  • Charles Fortescue Garstin, His Majesty s Consul at Shanghai Colonel William Fanshawe Loudon Gordon, late Commandant of the Shanghai Volunteer Corps James Henderson
  • Pacis Mississauga Centre Iris Yu Spadina - Fort York Eric Weniger London - Fanshawe Dionne Duncan Hamilton Centre Other prominent individuals: 2
  • cent of their election expenses during the writ period. Similarly, electoral district associations receive a reimbursement of 60 per cent of their election
  • This is a list of Canada s 338 federal electoral districts also known as ridings in Canadian English as defined by the 2013 Representation Order, which
  • Party of Canada ran a candidate in all but one of the 338 federal electoral districts Ninety - nine of them won a seat in the House of Commons of Canada

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