ⓘ Kusle


ⓘ Kusle

The kusle is a zither played by the Volga-Finnic Mari people of Russia. It is played in the lap, with both hands, and was played on some occasions such as ritual sacrifices, and to accompany dancing. The instrument is shaped like a semi-circle, with 12-20 strings. The instrument is described as resembling the Russian gusli or the Finnish kantele.

Organologist Anthony Baines noted in 1969, regarding the medieval Russian gusli.and the instrument has latterly been revived, notably in the Mari province by the Volga.


1. Etymology

Alternate spellings include kysle, kannõld, karsi, karsh, kjusle and kiusle. Other sources simply refer to the Mari instrument as a zither, kantele, or gusli.

  • of nature, to include forests and rainbows. Mari instruments include the kusle or karsh, a type of zither. The Mari also play the tumyr drum birch - bark
  • large krez bajym krezh was used for music during the holiday of Bulda. Kusle the zither of the Volga - Finnic Mari people Paul M. Gifford 2001 The
  • saying that the Mari have two instruments unique to their culture: the kusle mult - stringed zither, and the shyuvr bagpipe. Conservatoire national de
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