ⓘ Pilot (Russian band)

Pilot (Russian band)

ⓘ Pilot (Russian band)

The roots of the band stretch back to 1994, at which point it was called Military Jane. In this incarnation, the band had a raw, melodic grunge style reminiscent of Alice In Chains, and featured Knabengof singing in English. Military Jane released three albums, "Home" 1995 "Home Live 95", and "Blackest Paint Colored Brush" 1996 with limited success. The bands single "Wherry?" although popular, was met with controversy and the music video was banned from MTV. During the "Rock 96" festival in Saint Petersburg, the band performed a new song "Мама" Mama for the first time. The style of the song took on a contrasting pop direction, with Knabengof finding an original singing voice. The next year, Military Janes name was changed to Pilot.

In February 1999, the band launch its first official website.


1. Members

Current line-up

  • Nikita Belozyorov: drums
  • Ilya "Chort" Knabengof Илья "Чёрт" Кнабенгоф: vocals, guitar
  • Sergey Vyrvich: bass guitar
  • Andrey Kazachenko: keyboards

Former members

  • Maks Jorik: violin, keyboards, percussion 1999-2007
  • Stanislav Markov: bass guitar 1997-2013
  • Roman Chujkov: guitars 1997-2005, died in 2013
  • Denis Mojin: drums 1999-2000
  • Viktor Bastrakov: guitar 2006-2014, died in 2014
  • Vitktor Kuzmichev: drums 1997-1999
  • Nikolaj Lysov: drums 2000-2013
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