ⓘ St. Barbara's Chapel, Meran

St. Barbaras Chapel, Meran

ⓘ St. Barbaras Chapel, Meran

The Chapel of St. Barbara is a chapel located in the town of Meran in South Tyrol, northern Italy.

The chapel stands right behind St. Nicholas Church, Meran. The layout of the chapel is octagonal. It was built by the architect Hans von Burghausen in 1450, who also designed the temple.

The Church served as the burial chapel of the city for many centuries until the cemetery was moved to another location in 1848.

The basement was the vault, although on the ground floor was used for religious rites and prayers. It has some wooden benches and wooden Gothic altar, flanked by two altars from the Baroque period. Near the entrance is the painting of St. Christopher.

  • church is St Barbara s Chapel Andergassen, Leo. Die Stadt - Pfarrkirche St Nikolaus in Meran Tappeiner, 1994. Media related to St Nikolaus Meran at Wikimedia
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