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Povo is about three kilometers away from the city on the east side of the valley at the foot of mountains Marzola and Celva. Povo is crossed by rio Sale, a tributary of Fersina stream. Povo is divided into 9 fractions: Sale, Spre, Pante, Graffiano, Oltrecastello, Celva, Borino, Cimirlo mountain pass and Gabbiolo.

  • The People s Party of Timor Portuguese: Partido do Povo de Timor abbreviated PPT is a conservative political party in East Timor. In the first legislative
  • Armed Forces of the People Portuguese: Forças Armadas Revolucionarias do Povo or FARP were originally the armed wing of the African Party for the Independence
  • The Galician People s Union Galician: Union do Povo Galego is a Galician nationalist and communist political party, and is one of the registered political
  • Together for the People Portuguese: Juntos pelo Povo JPP is s Portuguese political party, with its origins in Santa Cruz, Madeira. Its founding principles
  • Chinese: 親民愛群協會, Portuguese: Associação de Apoio à Comunidade e Proximidade do Povo is a political party in the Chinese Special Administrative Region of Macau
  • football league system. Atletico de Reguengos Casa do Povo de Cabrela - Grupo Desportivo Casa do Povo de Lavre Clube de Futebol de Estremoz Grupo Desportivo
  • dismantled in 1989. In 1993 RTP created a telenovela titled A Banqueira do Povo The People s Banker based on these events with Eunice Muñoz playing the
  • league. The largest win was Academica do Fogo who scored 8 - 1 over Grito Povo on November 30, 2013, it was also the club who scored 7 - 0 over União São
  • Avenida Marginal to the Palacio do Povo the former Government Palace Notable buildings along the street: Palacio do Povo built in 1874, expanded in 1928 - 34
  • brought out the best in each other. They stretch out on long versions of Povo and Gibraltar that clock in around 19 minutes apiece. The backup rhythm

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