ⓘ United States Marine Corps Critical Skills Operator

United States Marine Corps Critical Skills Operator

ⓘ United States Marine Corps Critical Skills Operator

A United States Marine Corps Critical Skills Operator is a member of the U.S. Marine Corps in the primary special operations career field for Marines assigned to United States Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command. Marines designated Critical Skills Operators, colloquially known as "Raiders", are awarded the Military Occupational Specialty 0372. CSOs are assigned to Marine Special Operations Teams, Companies and Battalions. CSOs are trained to execute a variety of missions. Specialized training also provides capabilities in language fluency necessary for crossing cultural barriers, allowing CSOs to connect with the local forces as well as civilians. It takes, at a minimum, four and a half years to create a Marine CSO. The reason for this is that a Marine must have a minimum of three years in the United States Marines Corps before being considered a candidate for MARSOC.

In the 0372 Mos for operators of critical skills was established on 1 October 2011. The initial requirement for MARSOCs manning was 850 CSOs to outfit 48 fully operational marine special unit.

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