ⓘ Submarine Day

Submarine Day

ⓘ Submarine Day

April 11 is commemorated by the United States submarine community as Submarine Day, the anniversary of April 11, 1900 when the American Government purchased its first commissioned submarine, the USS Holland.

  • A narco - submarine also called drug sub and Bigfoot submarine is a type of custom - made ocean - going self - propelled submersible vessel built by drug traffickers
  • Yellow Submarine is a song by the English rock band the Beatles, written by Paul McCartney and John Lennon, with lead vocals by Ringo Starr. It was
  • The baffles is the area in the water directly behind a submarine or ship through which a hull - mounted sonar cannot hear. This blind spot is caused by
  • The Project 670 Skat submarine NATO classification Charlie class was a nuclear - powered cruise missile submarine built for the Soviet Navy and later operated
  • The Dolphin class Hebrew: הצוללות מסדרת דולפין is a diesel - electric submarine developed and constructed by Howaldtswerke - Deutsche Werft AG HDW in
  • battery - powered submarines built by the Spanish engineer and sailor Isaac Peral for the Spanish Navy. The first fully capable military submarine and the first
  • B - 276 Kostroma is a Russian Sierra - class submarine She was launched in 1986, commissioned in 1987, and named K - 276 Crab until 1992. Kostroma was built
  • submarine is a type of submarine intended for trade, and being without armaments, it is not considered a warship like most other types of submarines
  • Division 15. On 29 December 1943 the new submarine departed Tokosuka for Truk. Arriving at Truk on New Years Day 1944, her deck gun and all of her torpedoes
  • U - boat was the first post World War I attempt to produce an oceangoing submarine for Nazi Germany s Kriegsmarine. Only two Type IAs were built, but the

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