ⓘ Anxi County

Anxi County

ⓘ Anxi County

Anxi County is a county of the municipal region of Quanzhou, in southern Fujian province, Peoples Republic of China. It lies adjacent to and directly north of Xiamen.

Annecy there are a number of varieties of Oolong tea, the most famous of which is Tieguanyin 铁观音, "Iron Boddhisatva of mercy." Anxi Oolong tea 安溪铁观音 is classified as one of the top 10 Chinese tea.

  • square kilometres 11.33 sq mi The township comprises 14 villages: Antung, Anxi Fuan, Heming, Jinling, Jinxing, Maxing, Pulun, Shanxi, Xialun, Xiushui
  • Province, and the other three in Fuzhou College Station, Nanpin City and Anxi County There are also two independent colleges, Jinshan College and Dongfang
  • more envoys were sent through this territory to Anxi Yancai, Lixuan, Tiaozhi, and Shendu. The county administers 8 towns, 1 township and 2 ethnic townships:
  • mainland district of Xiamen which faces Kinmen County Republic of China Taiwan To the north is Anxi and Nan an, and to the south is Jimei. Tong an
  • first built during the Qing Dynasty in 1767 by Hokkien immigrants from Anxi County Quanzhou Municipality, Fujian Province in China. It has been reconstructed

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