ⓘ Vihorlat-Gutin Area

Vihorlat-Gutin Area

ⓘ Vihorlat-Gutin Area

The Vihorlat-Gutin Area is a region of mountain ranges spanning from eastern Slovakia, through western Ukraine, into northern Romania.

Geologically these ranges are considered part of the Inner Eastern Carpathians. Within Romania, however, it is traditional to divide the Eastern Carpathians in Romanian territory into three geographical groups, instead in "inner" and "outer" sections. The Romanian portions of Vihorlat-Gutin Area are considered part of the northern Carpathians of Maramures and Bucovina Romanian: Muntii Carpati ai Maramuresului si Bucovinei.


1. Subdivisions

These mountain ranges include:

  • Vihorlat Mountains Slovak: Vihorlatske vrchy ; Ukrainian: Вигорлат, encompassing the Vihorlat Protected Landscape Area and the Morske oko SK and UA; marked a1 on the map
  • Tupyi Ukrainian: Тупий; marked a4 on the map
  • Velikyi Dil Ukrainian: Великий Діл; marked a3 on the map
  • Oaș Mountains Romanian: Muntii Oasului ; Ukrainian: Оаш гори and Oas Depression Romanian: Depresiunea Oasului UK and RO; marked a5 on the map
  • Tibles Mountains Romanian: Muntii Tiblesului RO; marked a7 on the map
  • Makovytsia Ukrainian: Маковиця; marked a2 on the map
  • Gutin Mountains Romanian: Muntii Gutaiului ; Ukrainian: Гутинський масив RO; marked a6 on the map
  • Beskids and the Ukrainian Carpathians Inner Eastern Carpathians more Vihorlat - Gutin Area Crimean Mountains The territory of Ukraine is bordered by the waters
  • northern section of Inner Eastern Carpathians, including Vihorlat - Gutin Area and Maramureș - Rodna Area The Transylvanian Plateau is encircled by, and geologically
  • Inner Eastern Vihorlat - Gutin Area Bistrița Mountains Caliman - Harghita Mountains Giurgeu - Brașov Depression Outer Eastern Central Beskidian Piedmont Central

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