ⓘ Eggs (film)

Eggs (film)

ⓘ Eggs (film)

Eggs is a 1995 Norwegian comedy film by Bent Hamer. It was awarded the 1995 Amanda for Best Norwegian film. It was also entered into the 19th Moscow International Film Festival.


1. Plot

Two old brothers, Moe and Pa, have lived together for their whole life and are content with their daily and weekly routine. This is disturbed later by the arrival of Pas grown-up and disabled son Konrad, whose existence due to a two-day trip of Pa to Småland, the only time Pa and Moe were separated was unknown to Moe. The weirdness of Konrad and the jealousy of Moe and Konrad then disturb the routine, and Moe leaves home in the end.


2. Cast

  • Leif Andree as Konrad
  • Alf Conrad Olsen as Jim
  • Kjell Stormoen as Pa
  • Trond Hovik as Blomdal
  • Ulf Wengård as Vernon
  • Sverre Hansen as Moe
  • Leif Malmberg as Priest
  • Juni Dahr as Cylindia Volund