ⓘ Nierstein


ⓘ Nierstein

Nierstein lies in Rhenish Hesse on the Rhine between Mainz and Worms. In Nierstein the Flugelsbach empties into the Rhine.

Around Nierstein Permian Rotliegend times crop, which 290.000.000-year-old animal tracks can be made from.

Above Nierstein lies a hillside vineyard described as" red slope”, as it is part of the Rotliegend, which stretches from Northern Nackenheim to Western Schwabsburg.

  • with white wine varieties and 29.8 with red. After Worms 1 490 ha Nierstein 783 ha Alzey 769 ha Westhofen 764 ha and Alsheim 704 ha Bechtheim
  • that earn their living wholly from winegrowing. Mettenheim lies in the Nierstein zone of the Rhenish Hesse wine region and bears the winemaking appellations
  • Riedstadt, and in the West upon the town of Oppenheim and the communities of Nierstein Nackenheim and Bodenheim all four in Mainz - Bingen . Trebur consists
  • of the Rheingau. A part of the Rhine Terrace, between Nackenheim and Nierstein is known as the Red Slope Roter Hang because of the presence of red
  • adventurous balloonist related to Gaston Roupnel The commune is twinned with Nierstein in the Rheinhessen wine region of Germany, and with the Belgian town Spy
  • were not dismantled a directional aerial, while the other was rebuilt at Nierstein in Rhineland - Palatina. On the site of the latter mast a 240 - metre - high
  • Adelberg Kaiserpfalz Kurfustenstuck Rheingrafenstein Sankt Rochuskapelle Nierstein Auflangen Domherr Guldenmorgen Gutes Domtal Krotenbrunnen Petersberg Rehbach
  • along the likewise abandoned railway, known as the Valtinche railway, to Nierstein Coming thence back to the starting point at Bodenheim, the way is identical
  • force in 1972, the municipality became part of the Verbandsgemeinde of Nierstein - Oppenheim. The Lords of Bolanden owned a castle here in the 12th century

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