ⓘ Surface and Air Transportation Programs Extension Act of 2011


ⓘ Surface and Air Transportation Programs Extension Act of 2011

The Surface and Air Transportation Program Extension Act of 2011 became a United States law when President Barack Obama signed the Act on September 16, 2011 (Public Law No. 112-30. The law extends taxes which fund federal highway expenditures through March and the Federal Aviation Administration through January. The Surface and Air Transportation Programs Extension Act of 2011 is a direct result of an agreement which was reached by the House and Senate majority leaders. This extension act was a top priority to Congress because federal highway and FAA funding was about to expire.

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  • Some programs from the early 1980s were the Future Space Transportation System program and the later NASA Advanced Manned Launch System program In the
  • a complex multimodal transportation infrastructure, which serves as a regional, national and international hub for passenger and freight traffic. The
  • transportation system which includes one of the largest subway systems in the world the world s first mechanically ventilated vehicular tunnel and an
  • politician and lawyer who served as the United States Secretary of Transportation from 2013 to 2017. Previously, he served as the Mayor of Charlotte
  • transferred to the Surface Transportation Board. The Commission s five members were appointed by the President with the consent of the United States Senate
  • commuter rail services to local and intercity bus routes at the airport. The Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act of 1991, which gave additional
  • system of bus routes in Boston and Chelsea, Massachusetts operated by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority MBTA It is operated as part of the
  • Road and subway in Jamaica, Queens. Bombardier Transportation operates Air Train JFK under contract to the airport s operator, the Port Authority of New
  • initiatives in Japan. As of 2018, the development of commercial space transportation will need airspace integration and air traffic management adaptation
  • The Orange Line is one of the four subway lines of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority. It extends from Forest Hills in Jamaica Plain, Boston
  • and other forms of road surface marking are installed. According to a May 2009 report by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation

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