ⓘ Desert Tortoise Natural Area


ⓘ Desert Tortoise Natural Area

The Desert Tortoise Research Natural Area is a 39.5-square-mile area in the western Mojave Desert, located in eastern Kern County, Southern California. It was created to protect the native Desert Tortoise, which is also the California State Reptile.

The area is located in the South-Western part of the mountain of Randa, to the North-East of the city of California information center for visitors.

Bureau of land management acknowledged the importance of the area and designated it an "area of critical environmental concern" and as a "Research natural area" in 1980.

  • Green Tortoise Adventure Travel is an American long - distance tour bus company founded by Gardner Kent in mid - 1973 and based in San Francisco, California
  • excellent desert tortoise habitat 49, 683 acres 201 km2 of the wilderness area have been identified as critical habitat for the threatened desert tortoise BLM
  • mouse, and desert tortoise Before the European exploration of North America, tribes of Native Americans, such as the Mohave in the Mojave desert the Chemehuevi
  • wilderness, or as ORV areas are within these BLM study areas Recent research indicates that, especially for protection of the Desert Tortoise better and more
  • quail, roadrunners, golden eagles, prairie falcons, rattlesnakes, the Desert Tortoise and several species of lizards. Hiking, horseback riding, camping
  • populations of the desert tortoise and other species. Part of the NCA was designated in 2009 as the Cottonwood Canyon and Red Mountain wilderness areas which are
  • wild burro, desert tortoise spotted bat and desert bighorn sheep. The Little Picacho Wilderness is one of a number of federally protected areas located north
  • The High Desert Museum is located near Bend, Oregon, United States. Opened in 1982, it brings regional wildlife, culture, art and natural resources together
  • Peninsular Ranges bighorn sheep Ovis canadensis nelsoni and the desert tortoise Xerobates agassizii syn. Gopherus agassizii On both sides of the
  • Places. Wildlife includes raptors, Mohave Ground Squirrel, and the Desert Tortoise Vegetation primarily consists of creosote bush scrub community with
  • bajada region, an Area of Critical Environmental Concern, as it is frequented by the threatened desert tortoise Also common in the area is the rosy boa

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