ⓘ Bumpy torus

Bumpy torus

ⓘ Bumpy torus

The bumpy torus is a class of magnetic fusion energy devices that consist of a series of magnetic mirrors connected end-to-end to form a closed torus. Such an arrangement is not stable on its own, and most bumpy torus designs use secondary fields or relativistic electrons to create a stable field inside the reactor. The main disadvantage of magnetic mirror confinement, that of excessive plasma leakage, is circumvented by the arrangement of multiple mirrors end-to-end in a ring. It is described as "bumpy" because the fuel ions comprising the plasma tend to concentrate inside the mirrors at greater density than the leakage currents between mirror cells.

Bumpy torus designs were an area of active research starting in the 1960s and continued until 1986 with the ELMO EL ectro M agnetic O rbit Bumpy Torus at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. One in particular has been described: "Imagine a series of magnetic mirror machines placed end to end and twisted into a torus. An ion or electron that leaks out of one mirror cavity finds itself in another mirror cell. This constitutes a bumpy torus." These demonstrated problems and most research on the concept has ended.

  • 1961 1962 where, as a research associate, he developed the first bumpy torus plasma. In the 1960s he developed electron cyclotron resonance heating
  • construction, and many more Toroidal z - pinch ZETA Accelerated FRC TCS - U Bumpy torus ELMO, EBT, ORNL Galatea Tornado Magnetic suspension Levitron High
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  • countries like Japan and Russia. A fusion reactor concept called the Bumpy torus made use of a series of magnetic mirrors joined in a ring. It was investigated
  • in the bumpy torus design. This was another attempt to plug the ends of mirrors, by linking a number of mirrors end - to - end to form a torus Electrons
  • another tetrahedron on each exposed face. This will give you a somewhat bumpy torus of 250 cells with 50 raised vertices, 50 valley vertices, and 100 valley
  • effect in our solar system. Analysis of large dynamical systems, where torus construction methods in phase space allow a compact representation or approximation
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  • specialised nodes for creating simple shapes such as: Sphere, Cylinder, Cone, Torus Box and Bezier Lathe were added to make Seamless3d easier for the novice
  • demonstrated it was unlikely these would ever be commercially useful. Bumpy torus A number of magnetic mirrors are arranged end - to - end in a toroidal ring
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