ⓘ Wipeout (season 5)


ⓘ Wipeout (season 5)

*Gabrielle Johnson crossed Weasel Wheel, the Big Balls, and Ballsys Ski Shop. **Blondie Shana and Diva Amanda both quit during the Cold-Hearted Snake, but Shana and her sister quit first, so the Divas advanced. Since the Winter brothers were the only team to complete the Cold-Hearted Snake, they won $25.000. This was the first episode to have a shocker. *** It wasnt shown, but Vision crossed Ballsys Ski Shop.

* Steven Ferreira does not apply to "lover Boreder" Jacqueline Ferreira, who appeared in S5E6

  • For the first time in Wipeout history, only three female contestants passed the qualifier.
  • The teachers students were watching the qualifier.
  • Stephanie Pokswinski was the final contestant this season to earn 500 dollars for tagging Smallsy. However, she failed to advance.
  • Mr. Sandt crossed the Cruel Bus, although it wasnt shown.
  • This was the final episode to feature Vanessa Lachey, as on the premiere of the sixth season, Jill Wagner returned.
  • All three Contestants in the Wipeout Zone crossed the Terrential Twisters on their first try.
  • show personality. She was a co - host for the ABC comic competition show Wipeout from 2008 to 2014. Wagner was born in Winston - Salem, North Carolina. She
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  • Summer Wipeout winner from Season 4, Episode 19, Sarah Cooper, as partners on Season 5 Episode 10. This was an episode for returning wipeout competitors
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