ⓘ Horsewoman (painting)

Horsewoman (painting)

ⓘ Horsewoman (painting)

Horsewoman is a painting by Russian painter Rudolf Frentz. The picture is a portrait of an equestrian of the artists wife Catherine Anisimovna Stulovskaya.


1. History

Painted about 1925, the portrait represents a young woman astride on a horse in a suit for riding. In a picturesque and composition relation a portrait exudes between works of artist of 1920th and does not have analogues in collections of the largest Russian Art museums. A portrait is an extraordinarily rare for the soviet painting genre of womans equestrian portrait.

Horsewoman was first showed on the personal exhibition of Rudolf Frentz in 1928 in Leningrad. In 1970 after a long interruption a portrait was again demonstrated in Leningrad on the exhibition of works of Rudolf Frentz in the Leningrad Union of Artists. In 2007 the painting "Horsewoman" was reproduced and described among 350 art works by Leningrad artists in the book "Unknown Socialist Realism. The Leningrad School", published in Russian and English.