ⓘ José Rovira


ⓘ Jose Rovira

Jose Rovira was a Puerto Rican politician and senator.

In 1917, he was elected a member of the first Puerto Rican Senate established by law the Jones-Shafroth. He represented the district VI Guayama.

  • President of the State of Cartagena Jose Manuel Restrepo, Antioquia s Secretary of State and Custodio Garcia Rovira Governor of the Province of Socorro
  • 2016 to honour the best in Spanish films of 2015. Actor and comedian Dani Rovira was the master of ceremonies for the second time in a row. Nominations were
  • Jose Pulido as Arturo Manuel R. Ojeda as General Rovira Luz Alba as Palmira Eduardo Casado as Coronel Marquez Carlos Villarias as Coronel Lemus Jose Torvay
  • Jose Asuncion Martinez Sancho 11 November 1944 3 March 2013 better known as Jose Sancho or Pepe Sancho, was a Spanish actor. Over a period of fifty
  • Altas variedades is a 1960 French - Spanish drama film directed by Francisco Rovira Beleta and starring Christian Marquand, Agnes Laurent and Angel Aranda.
  • sports film directed by Francisco Rovira Beleta and starring Jose Suarez, Mari Carmen Pardo and Elisa Montes. Jose Suarez as Ignacio Ariza Mari Carmen
  • three - member executive body. Congress nominated Custodio Garcia Rovira Manuel Rodriguez Torices and Jose Manuel Restrepo for the triumvirate, but they were all
  • October 2019. Saez, Reinaldo Nocete, Francisco M. Nieto, Jose Capitan, M. Angeles Rovira Salvador Ruiz - Conde, Antonio Sanchez - Soto, Pedro J. 2001
  • Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya, Josep - Lluis Carod - Rovira and of the Basque lehendakari, Juan Jose Ibarretxe, as well as ETA emblems, all the while decrying
  • Gaspar de Portolà i Rovira 1716 1786 was a Spanish soldier and administrator in the Viceroyalty of New Spain. As commander of the Portola expedition

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