ⓘ 1930 in fine arts of the Soviet Union

1930 in fine arts of the Soviet Union

ⓘ 1930 in fine arts of the Soviet Union

  • April 6 - The Order of Lenin Russian: Орден Ленина, Orden Lenina, named after the leader of the Russian October Revolution, was established by the Central Executive Committee as a highest decoration bestowed by the Soviet Union. The model of Order of Lenin was executed by sculptors of Ivan Shadr and Pyotr Tayozhny on the sketch of artist Ivan Dubasov.
  • Closure of the Vkhutemas state art and technical school in Moscow.
  • Isaak Brodsky creates a picture of "Lenin at Smolny in 1917" Tretyakov gallery, which immediately after its introduction has become one of the most popular works on the image of the revolutionary leader and founder of the Soviet state.

1. Births

  • July 13 - Andrei Khaustov Russian: Хаустов Андрей Иванович, Russian Soviet painter and sculptor died 1978.
  • September 28 - Nikolai Pozdneev Russian: Николай Матвеевич Позднеев, Russian Soviet painter died 1978.

2. Deaths

  • April 17 - Aleksandr Golovin Russian: Александр Яковлевич Головин, Russian artist and stage designer born 1863.
  • September 25 - Abram Arkhipov Russian: Архипов Абрам Ефимович, Russian Soviet painter and art teacher, Peoples Artist of the USSR born 1862.
  • December 17 - Nikolay Kasatkin Russian: Касаткин Николай Алексеевич, Russian Soviet painter, Peoples Artist of the RSFSR born 1859.
  • September 29 - Ilya Repin Russian: Илья Ефимович Репин, Russian painter and art teacher born 1844.