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ⓘ Sennelager

Sennelager is a village in Germany that forms part of the City of Paderborn. It is notable for its association with the military since the 19th century.

  • has retained a significant presence in the area, and uses the nearby Sennelager Training Area. Paderborn is situated at the source of the river Pader
  • Rheindahlen closed July 2013 Attenborough First School, Sennelager Attenborough Primary School, Sennelager Ayrshire Barracks Primary School, Monchengladbach Bad
  • the court at the Nuremberg Judges Trial, Thierack committed suicide in Sennelager Paderborn, by poisoning himself. Notes Longerich, Peter 2012 Heinrich
  • Kurhaus Aachen BW Krefeld GW Mannheim Rochusclub Dusseldorf Weinheim Sennelager Kolner THC Stadion GroShesselohe Gladbach Official website in german
  • Karlsrhue, Germany, Skelmersdale United, West Lancashire, England, TUS, Sennelager Germany, and Arminian, Bielefeld, Germany. Sitch s most recent GSSL success
  • transferred to 6th Armoured Brigade and moved to Athlone Barracks in Sennelager in July 1973 from where it continued to deploy units to Northern Ireland
  • relocation of the village Haustenbeck in Senne, which was given to the Sennelager Training Area. Many people from the community moved to Horn, where the
  • Honours and eight Victoria Crosses. The regiment is currently based in Sennelager Germany, where it is the armoured regiment for 20th Armoured Brigade
  • Lippstadt as part of 4 Div. 1972 - The Battery joined 39 Regiment at Sennelager where it remained until April 1982. Between 1971 and 1981 the Battery
  • Yeomanry Scotland Northern Ireland - Scottish and North Irish Yeomanry Sennelager - The Queen s Royal Hussars The Queen s Own and Royal Irish The Band

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