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Alcobendas is a city located in the Community of Madrid, central Spain. It is located roughly 13 kilometres north of Madrid and 7 kilometres from Barajas International Airport. It includes a central urban zone, a recently built district known as Valdelasfuentes, La Moraleja and El Soto de la Moraleja residential zones, the Valdelatas nature reserve and a light industrial estate. A business park called Valdelacasa for high-tech firms is being built. It is the location of a basketball museum organised by the Pedro Ferrandiz Foundation where the FIBA Hall of Fame is located.

As soon as a working area, she recently became one of the most affluent areas of the Madrid Metropolitan area and also contains the exclusive residential area of La Moraleja.

  • of 16 teams, including ones like Academia Octavio, Calmec Barakaldo, Alcobendas and Pozoblanco. The championship consist of 16 teams playing each other
  • organized by the Spanish Boxing Federation in Pabellon Amaya Valdemoro, Alcobendas Spain in 2019. The event was held from 24 to 31 August 2019. The tournament
  • B de Balonmano Alcobendas Cuenca 2016 Teams relegated to 2007 08 Division de Honor B de Balonmano Teka Cantabria Algeciras Alcobendas Antequera 2010 Arrate
  • Primera B Nacional season. In June 2018, Spanish Tercera Division side Alcobendas Sport signed Ilarregui. However, two months later he departed the club
  • Rocasa ACE G.C, Prosetecnisa Zuazo, Mecalia Atletico Guardes and Helvetia Alcobendas qualified to EHF Challenge Cup. Teams promoted from 2014 15 Division de
  • 2014 15 season, the championship expands to 3 groups of 10 12 teams each. Alcobendas Rugby won the promotion playoff to Sant Cugat 18 13 and returned to Division
  • will be promoted to Liga ASOBAL for 2014 15 season. Host team: Alcobendas City: Alcobendas Community of Madrid Venue: Pabellon de los Sueños and Pabellon
  • and the NRA. Calderon was born in a Spanish town outside Madrid called Alcobendas and he has been living in the United States since 2008. During the school
  • player for Osaki Osol and the Japanese national team. He played for BM Alcobendas in 09 10 season. He represented Japan at the 2019 World Men s Handball
  • relegated to 2017 18 Division de Plata Helvetia Alcobendas Esencia 27 ULE CLEBA Leon Bera Bera Alcobendas Atl. Guardes Porriño Elche Mustang Aula Valladolid

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