ⓘ The Double 0 Kid

The Double 0 Kid

ⓘ The Double 0 Kid

17-year-old Lance Elliot is a summer intern at the Agency. His fantasies of espionage and intrigue turn real when hes ordered to rush a package to L.A. A madman millionaire computer virus designer and his icy henchwoman want that package. Its key to their plot to destroy the environment. Lance stays one step ahead of them, trying to avoid a visit to their "video-game-of-doom" room.


1. Cast

  • Chuck Hicks as Sam Wynberg
  • Wallace Shawn as Cashpot
  • John Birch as Truck Driver
  • Leslie Danon as French Girl
  • Nicole Eggert as Melinda
  • Brigitte Nielsen as Rhonda
  • John Rhys-Davies as Rudi Von Keseenbaum
  • Corey Haim as Lance Elliot
  • Karen Black as Mrs. Elliot
  • Anne Francis as Maggie Lomax
  • Patrick M. Wright as Banker
  • Jim Alquist as Tyler
  • Bari K. Willerford as Luther
  • Steven Paul as Room Service Bellman uncredited
  • Seth Green as Chip
  • Josh Collier as Billy
  • Basil Hoffman as Trout
  • Japan at the 1972 Olympic games in Munich and his sisters Miyuu Yamamoto and Seiko both won world championships in freestyle wrestling. Kid received his
  • Double JJ Resort is located in Rothbury, Michigan. It is a four - season resort which opened as the Jack and Jill Ranch in 1937. It has been the location
  • The Adventures of the Bailey School Kids or, simply, The Bailey School Kids is a best - selling children s book chapter book series. The books in the
  • The Brady Kids is an American animated television series and a spin - off based on the ABC live - action sitcom The Brady Bunch, produced by Filmation in
  • May 29, 1964 July 13, 2017 better known by his stage names Fresh Kid Ice and The Chinaman, was a Chinese Trinidadian - American rapper, Miami bass recording
  • Kiyomi John Smith ジョン スミス, Jon Sumisu The public figure of Schwartz. Voiced by: Osamu Saka Kid キッド The future John Smith. Voiced by: Tetsuya Kakihara
  • The British Bulldogs were a professional wrestling tag - team consisting of cousins Davey Boy Smith and the Dynamite Kid Tom Billington They competed
  • in general pre - 1970s these were issued in stereo. The hard rock band Ugly Kid Joe holds the record of highest selling debut EP with As Ugly as They

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