ⓘ Medea (disambiguation)

Medea (disambiguation)

ⓘ Medea (disambiguation)

  • Medea 1969 film, a film by Pier Paolo Pasolini
  • Medea TV serial, a 2005 TV serial by Theo van Gogh
  • Medee 2001 film, a French film
  • Medea 2017 film, a Costa Rican film
  • Medea 1988 film, a film by Lars von Trier

1. Literature

  • Medea The Icemark Chronicles, a character from The Icemark Chronicles by Stuart Hill
  • Medea, a 1996 novel by Christa Wolf
  • Medea: Harlans World, a 1985 collection of short science-fiction stories by various authors

2. Music

  • Medea, a 2004 piece for soprano, clarinet, cello and piano by Guillaume Connesson
  • Medea ballet, music for ballet by Samuel Barber
  • Medea EP, a 2007 EP by Michou
  • "Medea", a song by Khoma from The Second Wave
  • Medea Ex Libris album 2014

3. Opera

  • Medea Benda, a 1775 opera by Georg Benda
  • Medea, a 1988 opera by Mikis Theodorakis
  • Medee Cherubini, a 1797 opera by Luigi Cherubini
  • Medee Charpentier, a 1693 opera by Marc-Antoine Charpentier
  • Medea, an 1851 opera by Saverio Mercadante
  • Medea Reimann, a 2010 opera by Aribert Reimann
  • Medea Pacini, an 1843 opera by Giovanni Pacini
  • Medee Milhaud, a 1939 opera by Darius Milhaud

4. Places

  • Medea Province, Algeria
  • Medea, the capital city of the Medea Province
  • Medea, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy
  • Medea Thrace or Kıyıkoy, a village in Vize, Kırklareli Province, Turkey

5. Theatre

  • Medea Seneca, a 1st-century AD play by Seneca the Younger
  • Medea, a 1946 play by Jean Anouilh
  • Medea, a 1946 play translated by Robinson Jeffers
  • Medea, an 1821 play by Franz Grillparzer
  • Medee, a 1635 play by Pierre Corneille
  • Medea, the Musical, a 1994 musical comedy by John Fisher
  • Medea play, an ancient Greek play by Euripides

6. Vehicles

  • HMS M22 or HMS Medea, an M15-class monitor launched in 1915
  • Medea yacht
  • SS Medea, a French coaster
  • French frigate Medee 1778, a 36-gun fifth rate
  • Medea -class destroyer
  • HMS Medea 1778, a 28-gun sixth rate

7. Visual arts

  • Medea statue 2007, a statue of Medea in Batumi, Georgia
  • Medea, an 1870 painting by Anselm Feuerbach
  • Medea Sandys painting, an 1868 painting by Frederick Sandys

8. Other uses

  • Measurements of Earth Data for Environmental Analysis, a project of the United States Intelligence Community
  • Medea, a Fate/stay night character
  • Croton plant or Medea, a plant genus
  • 212 Medea, an asteroid
  • Medea gene, the Drosophila melanogaster common mediator Smad gene
  • MEDEA Collaborative Media Initiative, new media research centre at Malmo University, Sweden