ⓘ The First Lady (Colombian TV series)


ⓘ The First Lady (Colombian TV series)

The First Lady or is a Colombian telenovela produced by Henry Toto Duquem for Caracol Television. It is an adaptation of the Chilean telenovela of the same name.

The series stars Christian Meier as Leonardo Santander, Carina Cruz as Paloma Zamudio and Javier Jattin as Mariano Zamora.


1. Plot summary

Paloma is a humble young woman who has a dream that must be fulfilled no matter the consequences: becoming the First Lady of Colombia. But in order to achieve this, she must leave aside the love he feels for Mariano, win the future president Leonardo Santander and, most important, win the trust of his wife, who unknowingly will open the doors of his house to the woman who will end her marriage, completely destroying the life of her family and make her husband become President, so Paloma becomes the First Lady.


2. Cast


  • Carina Cruz as Paloma Zamudio de Santander
  • Javier Jattin as Mariano Zamora
  • Christian Meier as Leonardo Santander


  • Jose Luis Garcia as Angel Astudillo
  • Kathy Saenz as Ana Milena San Juan
  • Greeicy Rendon as Daniela Astudillo
  • Caleb Casas as Anibal Urrutia
  • Alejandra Avila as Sandra Burr
  • Maria Luisa Florez as Paula Mendez
  • Jairo Camargo as Adolfo Fernandez
  • Mijail Mulkay as Federico "Fede" Astudillo
  • Juan David Agudelo as Diego Santander San Juan
  • Jacqueline Arenal as Estrella Soto
  • Natalia Jerez as Cristina Santander San Juan
  • Emerson Rodriguez as Amaury Bello
  • Paula Barreto as Luciana "Lucy" Cuadra