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Potes is a municipality in the autonomous community of Cantabria in Spain. It is the capital of the Comarca of Liebana and is located in the centre of it. It is bordered to the north by Cillorigo de Liebana, to the west by Camaleño, to the south by Vega de Liebana and to the east by Cabezon de Liebana.

  • In chemistry a one - pot synthesis is a strategy to improve the efficiency of a chemical reaction whereby a reactant is subjected to successive chemical
  • Cornelis Cor Pot born 8 June 1951 in The Hague is a Dutch football manager, former footballer and current assistant manager at Feyenoord. He was
  • A try pot is a large pot used to remove and render the oil from blubber obtained from cetaceans and pinnipeds, and also to extract oil from penguins. Once
  • A pinch pot is a simple form of hand - made pottery produced from ancient times to the present. The pinching method is to create pottery that can be ornamental
  • Potor is a village and municipality in the Velky Krtis District of the Banska Bystrica Region of southern Slovakia. Media related to Potor at Wikimedia
  • iron pot in French. In Italy, pots - de - fer were known as vasi or vasii, meaning pot or vase Though occasionally made with cast bronze, the pot - de - fer
  • The Flower Pot Men were an English pop group created in 1967 as a result of the single, Let s Go to San Francisco recorded by session musicians, becoming
  • Pot luck may refer to: Potluck, a form of group gathering, usually involving a meal Pot Luck 1936 film L Auberge espagnole, a 2002 film also released
  • The moka pot is a stove - top or electric coffee maker that brews coffee by passing boiling water pressurized by steam through ground coffee. Named after
  • Pot TV is a web - based video channel owned by Canadian cannabis activist Marc Emery. Jeremiah Vandermeer of Cannabis Culture Magazine is Editor - in - Chief
  • Hendrik Gerritsz Pot c. 1580 15 October 1657 buried was a Dutch Golden Age painter, who lived and painted in Haarlem, where he was an officer of

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