ⓘ Blaser F3


ⓘ Blaser F3

The Blaser F3 is a break-action over-and-under shotgun manufactured by Blaser Jagdwaffen GmbH of Isny, Germany. It was introduced in 2004 and imported by Blaser USA of San Antonio, TX since 2008. Blaser manufactures multiple variants of the F3. Blaser has established itself in the European market in Skeet and the Olympic trap disciplines. While other competition grade shotguns require fitting when changing barrels, Blaser has a largely modular design.

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  • Eckernforde to expand their arms division. 1997 - German Blaser Jagdwaffen Isny and SIGARMS merge. Blaser now part of SIG continues autonomously developing
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  • torques that might throw the gun off aim. In 1993 the German Blaser company introduced the Blaser R93, a new straight - pull action where locking is achieved
  • younger Berkeley poets consisting of Robert Duncan, Jack Spicer and Robin Blaser Gleason and Duncan were particularly close and read and criticized each
  • short supply, with the less - powerful 515 kW 700 PS Junkers Jumo 210. R. Blaser was assigned to detail design. In order to improve performance compared

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