ⓘ Black Astrum


ⓘ Black Astrum

Black Astrum is an English business card manufacturer based in London and the Royal County of Berkshire. The company specialises in made to order diamond encrusted business and members cards, supplying them across Europe, the Middle East and Asia. The company offers its signature cards on a strict invitation-only basis with each card custom designed according to customers specifications. The product has been included in Tatler magazines Object of Desire and Millionaire Asias Must have item for men.


1. The Signature card

Black Astrums signature cards are made out of Swiss Hesa-Glas with scratch and chemical resilient coating. Each card is rumored to cost around $1.500, with pricing dependent on the number of diamonds encrusted on each card.


2. History

Black Astrum originally started as a result of a one-off request from a wealthy Middle Eastern family. The founder of the company Sufian Khawaja, pleased with the final design, decided to launch Black Astrum officially in 2011 and sell the cards to a select, wealthy few. Khawaja himself has a background in design and engineering and resides in the county of Berkshire, England.