ⓘ Four Dances Natural Area

Four Dances Natural Area

ⓘ Four Dances Natural Area

Four Dances Natural Area is 765 acres of undeveloped open space which were preserved in Billings, Montana, and became public land. The area was named after Chief Four Dances, an important religious and military figure in the history of the Crow Nation. The name in the Crow language is Annishi Shopash, translated as "Place of Four Dances". This area is traditionally recognized as a fasting site used by Four Dances in the 1830s, during the height of the Rocky Mountain fur trade and the intertribal plains wars. Four Dances took his name from the vision he received while fasting at this place.

The site is located on the plateau, located 2 km 3 km East of downtown Billings and is bordered on the East side of Coburn road. On the Western plateau bordered by cliffs that fall from 200 to 800 feet 61 to 244 m to the Yellowstone river.

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