ⓘ Andover station (NJ Transit)

Andover station (NJ Transit)

ⓘ Andover station (NJ Transit)

Andover is a planned New Jersey Transit passenger railroad station in Andover Township, in Sussex County, New Jersey, United States, providing service on its Lackawanna Cut-Off line. The line remains under construction. The station will be built at a site on Andovers Roseville Road, about 1.1 miles from U.S. Route 206 and about 0.9 miles from County Route 517. On the rail line, it will be located about 7.3 miles west of Port Morris Junction at milepost 53.0.

The anticipated construction on the site includes the station and platform With 125 Parking spaces from the originally planned 65 seats. Preparations for the restoration of track between port Morris and Andover was originally to begin in 2010, but was delayed until early 2011 due to disputes over the precise location on the ground Andover station. Another delay was caused while I was searching for an environmental permit. In August 2017, there was an arrangement with the local landowner that cleared the way for the necessary environmental permits, and services is scheduled to begin in 2020.

Andover station will be the Terminus of the line, but there are plans to expand the line Lackawanna cutoff West of Andover.

  • Jersey, United States Andover station MBTA in Andover Massachusetts, United States Andover station NJ Transit in Andover New Jersey, United States
  • New Jersey Transit Corporation, branded as NJ Transit and often shortened to NJT, is a state - owned public transportation system that serves the US state
  • NJ Transit Rail Operations NJTR provides passenger service on 12 lines at a total of 166 stations some operated in conjunction with Amtrak and Metro - North
  • Currently, NJ Transit provides rail service to Port Morris, New Jersey, via the Lake Hopatcong station The proposal is to extend this service to Andover New
  • and Andover began in early 2011 after being delayed by a disagreement between the NJ - DEP and NJ Transit over the proposed location for Andover Station Separately
  • Lake Hopatcong is a NJ Transit station in Roxbury Township, New Jersey, United States. It sits at the intersection of Landing Road and Lakeside Boulevard
  • the Hackensack River. The line crosses under Route 7 and then passes NJ Transit s Meadowlands Maintenance Complex MMC Amtrak s Northeast Corridor and
  • been proposed using the under - construction branch to Andover via the Lackawanna Cut - Off NJ Transit project, an extension on old New York and Greenwood
  • restore the station building and surrounding site. Service along the Cut - Off is being partially restored, with NJ Transit service from Andover to New York
  • Corridor Lackawanna Cutoff pdf New Jersey Transit November 2005. Retrieved 2011 - 01 - 19. List of Station Numbers Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad