ⓘ 1799 New York's 1st congressional district special election


ⓘ 1799 New Yorks 1st congressional district special election

A special election was held in New Yorks 1st congressional district December 27–29, 1799 to fill a vacancy left by the death of Jonathan N. Havens on October 25, 1799.

  • one from each of the state s 12 congressional districts The elections coincided with the 2014 United States midterm elections for other federal and state
  • had re - apportioned the congressional districts dividing New York County seemingly at random into two districts After the election of one Democratic - Republican
  • elections are explained by the same factors as regular congressional elections Special elections to the U. S House of Representatives have occurred at least
  • New York 1808 U. S House of Representatives, District 12, Special Tufts Digital Collations and Archives. A New Nation Votes: American Election Returns
  • February 1 2015. SC District 06 - Special Election December 8, 2005. Retrieved September 14, 2018 via MA - 1st Eastern - Special Election
  • Massachusetts congressional redistricting after the 2010 census has changed the borders of the district starting with the elections of 2012, with the new 3rd district
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  • Dubin, Michael J. March 1 1998 United States Congressional Elections 1788 1997: The Official Results of the Elections of the 1st Through 105th Congresses
  • Virginia s ninth congressional district is a United States congressional district in the Commonwealth of Virginia, covering much of the southwestern part

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