ⓘ Bureinsky Ridge

Bureinsky Ridge

ⓘ Bureinsky Ridge

The Bureya Massif is a mountain range in the Khabarovsk Krai in the southern part of the Russian Far East.

The Dusse-Alin Tunnel on the Baikal Amur Mainline crosses the ridge to enter the Amgun River valley.


1. Geography

The massif consists of a number of separate ridges with a total length of about 400 km and with a maximum height of 2.167 metres 7.110 ft. The is a northern prolongation of the range. The Bureya Massif forms the drainage divide of the Bureya, Amgun and Urmi rivers. The sources of the Selemdzha River are located where other three ranges meet the massif, the Dusse-Alin from the south, the Ezop Range from the west and the Jam-Alin from the north.

  • Chegdomyn accounts for 47.5 of the district s total population. The Bureinsky Nature Reserve a zapovednik strict nature reserve is located in District