ⓘ 10th Venice International Film Festival (1942)


ⓘ 10th Venice International Film Festival (1942)

The "10th" annual Venice International Film Festival was held from 30 August to 5 September 1942. Together with the 1940 and 1941 it is considered void- as if they did not happen. The events were hosted at places far away from the Lido and very few countries participated due to World War II and directors that were members of the Rome-Berlin axis. Additionally, a strong fascist political meddling from the Italian fascist government under Benito Mussolini had led to Italy experiencing a period of cultural depression oppressed by fascist propaganda. It is the last edition before the suspension for the Second World War.


1. Jury

  • Stavtscho Danailov
  • Wolfgang Fischer
  • Karl Melzer
  • Marijan Micac
  • Stefan Ravasz
  • Aladar Haasz
  • Augusto Fantechi
  • Giuseppe Volpi di Misurata Head of Jury
  • Carl Vincent
  • Joaquin Argamasilla
  • Yrio Erik Ranniko
  • Ferdinand Imhof
  • Mario Gromo
  • Mihai Puscariu
  • Antonio Maraini
  • Ottavio Croze
  • Manuel Lopez Ribeiro

2. Awards

  • Mussolini Cup
  • Best Foreign Film - Der groSe Konig Veit Harlan
  • Best Italian Film - Bengasi Augusto Genina
  • Best Actress - Kristina Soderbaum Die goldene Stadt
  • Best Actor - Fosco Giachetti Bengasi
  • Volpi Cup
  • Color - Die goldene Stadt Veit Harlan
  • International Film Chamber Award
  • Technical - Alfa Tau! Francesco De Robertis
  • Die Deutsche Wochenschau
  • Current Affairs
  • Animation Design
  • Nel paese dei ranocchi Antonio Rubino
  • Anacleto e la faina Roberto Sgrilli
  • Ala-Arriba! Jose Leitão de Barros
  • Biennale Award
  • Noi vivi, Addio Kira! Goffredo Alessandrini
  • Vienna Blood Willi Forst
  • Odessa in Flames Carmine Gallone
  • Der groSe Schatten Paul Verhoeven
  • Goyescas Benito Perojo
  • People of the Mountains Istvan Szots
  • Yli rajan Wilho Ilmari
  • Snapphanar Åke Ohberg
  • Biennale Medal
  • The Cursed Village Florian Rey
  • Negyediziglen Zoltan Farkas
  • Rocciatori ed aquile Arturo Gemmiti
  • Le drapeau de lhumanite Kurt Fruh
  • Musica nel tempo Edmondo Cancellieri
  • Der Seeadler Walter Hege and V. Loewenstein
  • A kis kakuk Bela Molnar
  • Comacchio Fernando Cerchio
  • I funerali Istvan Horty
  • Biennale Medal for documentary
  • Erde auf Gewaltmarschen Victor Borel
  • rating of 4.48 10 The Banquet had its international premiere at the Venice Film Festival where it received the Future Film Festival Digital Award. Parts
  • Arabic: منى واصف born February 1, 1942 is a Syrian stage, film and television actress. She was born on 1 February 1942 as Muna Mustafa Wassef Jelmran
  • debut with East India Film Company s first Indian film Sati Savitri which has received honorary diploma at Venice Film Festival He then directed Sati
  • Matayan s son Ken Mitsuda as Teruyan The film featured in competition at the 19 th Venice International Film Festival and divided critics between those who
  • the title role, had its world premiere at the 2013 Venice International Film Festival His last film was the 2016 Afterimage Powidoki starring Boguslaw
  • 1960 Silver Lion in the Venice film festival for Karakoram. Directed winner of the Prix du documentaire at Cannes Film Festival in 1952. Produced An Occurrence
  • Competition section of the 72nd Venice International Film Festival It was also shown at the Telluride Film Festival and the Special Presentations section
  • prestigious Venice Film Festival the oldest film festival in the world, held annually since 1932 and awarding the Golden Lion. In 2008 the Venice Days Giornate
  • Lines of Wellington competed for the Golden Lion at the 69 th Venice International Film Festival A symposium on Sarmiento s feminism was held at Stanford
  • With this film Lee won the Golden Lion Award at the Venice Film Festival for the second time, the first being with Brokeback Mountain. The film adaptation

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