ⓘ Mihrdat I of Iberia

Mihrdat I of Iberia

ⓘ Mihrdat I of Iberia

Mithridates I was the 1st-century king of Iberia whose reign is evidenced by epigraphic material. Cyril Toumanoff suggests 58–106 as the years of his reign.

  • This list is part of the larger set of lists of Georgian monarchs.
  • Rome 186 198 Khosrov I client King under Rome 198 217 Caucasian Iberia complete list Mihrdat I King 58 106 Amazasp I King 106 116 Pharasmanes
  • of the kings of Kartli. King Archil c. 411 435 gave Samshvilde in appanage to his son Mihrdat who then succeeded on the throne of Kartli. Mihrdat s
  • Caucasian Iberia complete list Trdat, King 394 406 Pharasmanes IV, King 406 409 Mihrdat IV, King 409 411 Archil, King 411 435 Mihrdat V, King
  • Tiridates I client King under Rome 53 Caucasian Iberia complete list Arshak II, King 20 BC 1 AD Pharasmanes I the Great, King 1 58 AD Mihrdat I King
  • Caucasian Iberia complete list Rev I King 189 216 Vache, King 216 234 Bacurius I King 234 249 Mihrdat II, King 249 265 Aspacures I King 265 284
  • former Queen of All Georgia, and Ana Orbeliani, wife of Alexander I of Imereti, who was really a Duke of Shorapani and not a king. Annexation of Imereti to
  • mothers of the Georgian monarchs. List of the mothers of the Ottoman Sultans List of the mothers of the Safavid Shahs List of the mothers of the Mughal

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