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Un flic is a 1972 French film, the last directed by Jean-Pierre Melville. It stars Alain Delon, Catherine Deneuve and Richard Crenna.

Delon had previously worked with Melville on Le Samouraï 1967 and Le Cercle Rouge 1970 playing the role of a criminal. In Un Flic Delons role is reversed. He plays the cop, Edouard Coleman, in pursuit of Simon, a notorious Paris thief, who is very hard to pin down.


1. Plot

After a raid on a bank in a seaside town, four Parisien gangsters flee after a cashier sets off the alarm with only part of the loot and with one of the men, Marc Albois, wounded by the cashier, who Marc then shoots dead. They put Marc in a private clinic and disperse. Their leader, Simon, owns a night club which is visited regularly by police detective Coleman to keep an eye on Simon and pick up information. Coleman also hopes to see the beautiful Cathy, who is Simons mistress but spends occasional afternoons with Coleman in a hotel room. Fearing that the police will find and question Marc, Simon sends Cathy into the clinic dressed as a nurse to give the dying man a fatal air embolism after an attempt to take him away fails.

Simons next project is to steal a large quantity of heroin being transported out of France by a rival gang on the night express from Paris to Lisbon. From a helicopter, he is lowered onto the speeding train in the empty countryside south of Bordeaux, knocks out the courier with chloroform, and is successfully winched up with the drugs. Coleman, knowing that the dead Marc was friends with Louis Costa, Coleman arrests him and gets him to confess the names of his accomplices.

Coleman goes to the club and questions Simon, who denies that he knows Marc or Louis. Simon immediately telephones the fourth member of the gang, Paul, an ex bank manager, to warn him, but the police arrive before he can flee and Paul shoots himself.

Simon hides out in a hotel and rings Cathy to pick him up. However, the police have tapped Cathys phone and, as Simon emerges from the hotel carrying an attache case full of heroin, the waiting Coleman draws a gun and challenges him. As Simon seems to be reaching inside his coat for a gun, Coleman shoots him dead while Cathy watches helplessly from her car. However, when Coleman inspects Simons body, he finds that he had no gun, leading him to think it was suicide by cop. Coleman is called away on another case, leaving a pensive Cathy alone. The film ends with a long shot on Colemans face as he drives away.


2. Cast and crew

  • Simone Valere as Pauls wife
  • Valerie Wilson as Gaby
  • Andre Pousse as Marc Albouis
  • Catherine Deneuve as Cathy
  • Henri Marteau as Police officer instructor of shooting
  • Michael Conrad as Louis Costa
  • Alain Delon as Commissaire Edouard Coleman
  • Paul Crauchet as Morand
  • Riccardo Cucciolla as Paul Weber
  • Jean Desailly as Distinguished gentleman who was robbed of a statue
  • Richard Crenna as Simon

The crew included Sophie Tati editing department and Pierre Tati second assistant director, the daughter and son of Jacques Tati.

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