ⓘ 1800 New Hampshire's at-large congressional district special election


ⓘ 1800 New Hampshires at-large congressional district special election

A special election was held in New Hampshires at-large congressional district on August 25, 1800 to fill a vacancy left by William Gordon resigning to accept an appointment as New Hampshire Attorney General on June 12, 1800.

  • the new Congress convened. Vermont elected its members September 7, 1824. Congressional districts were re - established in Vermont for the 1824 election Vermont
  • reapportionment after the 1800 census. Elections were held October 4, 1802. December 1802 Georgia s at - large congressional district special election 1802 and 1803
  • the new State of Missouri There were special elections in 1820 and 1821 to the 16th United States Congress and 17th United States Congress. Special elections
  • to a subsequent election Since 1920, New Hampshire has always hosted the first primaries in the entire nation. The Democratic Party s primary occurred
  • elections. Not including special elections Former U. S President John Quincy Adams was elected from Massachusetts s 11th district becoming the first former
  • Special Election Race - Aug 25, 1942 Martis, Kenneth C. 1982 The Historical Atlas of United States Congressional Districts
  • elections 1946 United States Senate elections 1946 79th United States Congress 80th United States Congress California s 12th congressional district

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