ⓘ 1808 Massachusetts's 2nd congressional district special election


ⓘ 1808 Massachusettss 2nd congressional district special election

A special election was held in Massachusettss 2nd congressional district on May 4, 1808 to fill a vacancy left by the death of Jacob Crowninshield on April 15, 1808.

  • The 5th Congressional District of South Carolina is a congressional district in northern South Carolina bordering North Carolina. The district includes
  • ME District 4 - Special Election - 1st Trial January 11, 2011. Retrieved June 10, 2019 via Our Campaigns. ME District 4 - Special Election - 2nd Trial
  • Massachusetts. The District became the State of Maine during the 16th Congress. 1818 Massachusetts s 20th congressional district special election 1818 and 1819
  • each of the state s nine congressional districts The elections coincided with the gubernatorial election as well as other elections to the House of Representatives
  • for the start of the term, of the person elected at the special election source: Congressional Biographical Directory In some cases this is clearly
  • Receiver - General of Massachusetts since 1952 and member of the United States House of Representatives from Massachusetts s 2nd congressional district from 1949 - 1952
  • The 2004 congressional elections in Massachusetts was held on November 2 2004, to determine who would represent the state of Massachusetts in the United
  • 2018 election in North Carolina s 9th congressional district was held on November 6, 2018, to elect a member for North Carolina s 9th congressional district
  • October 6, 1816. Massachusetts s electoral law required a majority for election In five districts this was not met on the first election requiring additional

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