ⓘ Vache of Iberia


ⓘ Vache of Iberia

Vache, of the Arsacid dynasty, was a king of Iberia from 216 to 234. He is known exclusively from the medieval Georgian chronicles which make him either 20th or 22nd in the royal list of Iberia and merely relates that Vache was the son of Rev I.

  • to throw to heap up In the 460s AD, King Vache II of Caucasian Albania, acting under the orders of the Sasanian Emperor Peroz I, had founded the
  • III, client King under Rome 287 330 Caucasian Iberia complete list Rev I, King 189 216 Vache King 216 234 Bacurius I, King 234 249 Mihrdat
  • IV, King 888 923 Principality of Kakheti complete list Juansher, Prince 786 807 Grigol, Prince 786 827 Vache Kvabulidze, Prince 827 839 Samuel
  • ships and 800 men for Ile - à - Vache a small island he used as a rendezvous point. His plan was to attack the Spanish settlement of Cartagena de Indias, the
  • chancellor of the Tang Dynasty b. 765 Rorgon I, count of Maine or 840 Sicard, prince of Benevento Vache prince of Kakheti Wiglaf, king of Mercia Swanton
  • caused severe damage. On Ile - à - Vache 50 houses either had the roof caved in or the walls knocked over. In Les Cayes, 70 of houses were destroyed, as was
  • a number of Spanish, Portuguese, and French cattle breeds, which possibly evolved from those introduced during a past occupation of Iberia No scientific
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