ⓘ Chongming District

Chongming District

ⓘ Chongming District

Chongming District is northernmost district of the provincial-level municipality of Shanghai. Chongming consists of three low-lying inhabited alluvial islands at the mouth of the Yangtze north of the Shanghai peninsula: Chongming, Changxing, and Hengsha. Following its massive expansion in the 20th century, Chongming is now the 2nd-largest island administered by the Peoples Republic of China and the 3rd-largest in Greater China, after Taiwan and Hainan. Chongming does not, however, administer all of the island: owing to its continual expansion from sediment deposited by the Yangtze, it has merged with formerly separate islands and now includes Jiangsu provinces pene-exclave townships of Haiyong and Qilong. Chongming proper covers an area of 1.411 km 2 and had a population of 704 000 at the time of the Sixth National Census in 2010.

The district was founded in 1396, the second year of Hongwu of Ming dynastys. With the completion of chongqi Yangtze river and bridges, he is now connected to the rest of Shanghai and the southeastern province of Jiangsu along the chord hushan not. Further development is now urban and agricultural master-plan led by Philip Enquist of soma, though the ambitious plans of "eco city" named Dongtan has been frozen since 2006, the ouster of the mayor Chen Liangyu and other areas increased immigration of people to move from Central China after construction of the dam "Three gorges".

  • while the river also delineates much of its northeastern boundary along Chongming Island. Taicang administers seven towns: Chengxiang 城厢镇 Shaxi 沙溪镇
  • the 2012 Tour of Chongming Island, a category 2.1 stage race, and followed this by finishing second in the one - day Tour of Chongming Island World Cup
  • administration of Shanghai: Shanghai except for Jiading District Baoshan District and Chongming County Jiaxing Prefecture Shi Weile, ed. 2005 Zhongguo
  • island in the Yangtze called Yonglongsha but now forms a pene - enclave on Chongming Island, most of which belongs to Shanghai. The area of present - day Qidong
  • Chinese 建设 建設 may refer to the following locations in China: Jianshe, Chongming County, in Shanghai Jianshe, Zigong County, in Sichuan Jianshe, Sanzhi
  • Pe h - ōe - jī: Pa - khek - le Kì - liām Kong - hn g is a memorial park in Chongming Village, East District Tainan, Taiwan. The park was named after Thomas Barclay, a
  • one special township - level division. Yangpu District has eleven subdistricts and one town. Chongming District has sixteen towns, three special township - level
  • the south. The Chongming Qidong Yangtze River Bridge, completed in 2011, carries the G40 Shanghai Xi an Expressway from Qidong to Chongming Island. The Sutong
  • extends to every core urban district as well as neighbouring suburban districts except Jinshan and the rural Chongming Districts Several other lines are
  • December 2006. Baoyang Road Ferry Terminal is located nearby, servicing Chongming Island. 上海市地方志办公室 上海通网站 上海市地情资料库 上海市的百科全书. Retrieved 13

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