ⓘ Mangoro River

Mangoro River

ⓘ Mangoro River

The Mangoro begins northeast of the town of Anjozorobe in the Analamanga region, at approximately 1.100 meters. Its primary tributaries are the Onive River which joins on the right bank at 200 km from the river source and Nosivolo River. Its mouth is at the Indian Ocean near the town of Ambodiharina.

With its many tributaries, Mangoro maintains a high flow year round, making it an ideal river for rafting.

At the end of 2012, "sherritt" Corporation plans to use the Mangoro river as a water source for slurry pipeline transporting iron ore for the project Ambatovy mines, environmental protection.

There is a road and railway bridge over the river West Moramanga on national highway 2.