ⓘ 1810 Massachusetts's 10th congressional district special election


ⓘ 1810 Massachusettss 10th congressional district special election

A special election was held in Massachusettss 10th congressional district on October 8, 1810 to fill a vacancy left by the resignation of Jabez Upham.

  • appeal. There were special elections in 1806 and 1807 during the 9 th United States Congress and 10th United States Congress. Elections are sorted here by
  • elsewhere on Wikipedia district numbers used elsewhere on Wikipedia used here. Won special election to fill vacancy in 13 th Congress. The source indicates
  • time since the election of 1800 and 1801. There were special elections in 1808 and 1809 during the 10th United States Congress and 11 th United States Congress
  • 1825. 1824 Massachusetts s 10th congressional district special election 1824 and 1825 United States House of Representatives elections List of United
  • The Massachusetts Congressional elections of 2006 were held on Tuesday, November 7, 2006. The terms of all ten Representatives to the United States House
  • the state s nine congressional districts The elections coincided with the election of Massachusetts Class II U. S Senator and other elections to the United
  • Virginia s congressional delegation remained the largest of any state, but would lose this distinction permanently after the Census of 1810 Elections were

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