ⓘ 1814 Massachusetts's 4th congressional district special election


ⓘ 1814 Massachusettss 4th congressional district special election

A special election was held in Massachusettss 4th congressional district on May 23, 1814 to fill a vacancy left by the resignation of William M. Richardson on April 18, 1814.

  • until the special elections in 1814 in the 2nd and 3rd districts both replaced Democratic - Republicans by Federalists. List of special elections to the United
  • elections are explained by the same factors as regular congressional elections Special elections to the U. S House of Representatives have occurred at least
  • A special election was held in Georgia s at - large congressional district on December 15, 1802 to fill a vacancy caused by the resignation of John Milledge
  • January 6, 1813. Massachusetts s 17 th congressional district special election 1812 United States House of Representatives elections 1812 and 1813 List
  • the state s nine congressional districts The elections coincided with the election of Massachusetts Class II U. S Senator and other elections to the United
  • October 6, 1816. Massachusetts s electoral law required a majority for election In five districts this was not met on the first election requiring additional
  • former 14 th district of Massachusetts was elected as one of the first two senators for Maine. The vacancy was filled in a special election by Joseph

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