ⓘ German naval history

German naval history

ⓘ German naval history

The German navy has operated under different names. See

  • German Mine Sweeping Administration, 1945 to 1956.
  • North German Federal Navy, 1867–71.
  • Prussian Navy, 1701–1867. (Прусский Военно-Морской Флот, 1701-1867)
  • Reichsmarine, 1919–35. (Рейхсмарине, 1919-35)
  • Volksmarine the navy of East Germany, 1956–91.
  • German Navy, since 1956.
  • Reichsflotte Fleet of the Realm, 1848–52.
  • Imperial German Navy Kaiserliche Marine", 1871–1919.
  • Kriegsmarine, 1935–45. (Кригсмарине, 1935-45)
  • Imperial Naval Office German Reichsmarineamt was a government agency of the German Empire. It was established in April 1889, when the German Imperial
  • materials during its history it is designated as a Superfund site needing environmental cleanup. The air station also hosts the Naval Education and Training
  • The Blockade of Germany or the Blockade of Europe, occurred from 1914 to 1919. It was a prolonged naval operation conducted by the Triple - Entente powers
  • A naval trawler is a vessel built along the lines of a fishing trawler but fitted out for naval purposes. Naval trawlers were widely used during the First
  • The 63rd Royal Naval Division was a United Kingdom infantry division of the First World War. It was originally formed as the Royal Naval Division at the
  • Hellenic Navy was the first in military history to use aircraft to track down and bomb the enemy fleet 1913 The Naval Air Service was officially established
  • the Battle of Midway, multiple naval battles during the Guadalcanal Campaign, and the largest naval battle in history the Battle of Leyte Gulf. Much

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