ⓘ Carwalking


ⓘ Carwalking

Carwalking is the act of stepping onto and walking across a stationary car. Depending on the technique and equipment used, carwalking can lead to damage of private property. It often is a response to cars being parked illegally in areas exclusively allocated to pedestrians and a protest against the negative impacts of high motorization rates in urban areas.


1.1. Reported cases United Kingdom

An initiative in Kings Heath Birmingham distributes posters that warn drivers their cars will be "bonneted" if parked on pavement obstructing pedestrians.


1.2. Reported cases France

Another reported case happened in Lyon, France, in 2011 when Peter Wagner, a German engineer, decided to walk on top of a car that was illegally parked on the side-walk in such a manner that he could not squeeze past. At that moment the owner of the car arrived and later sued him for property damage, demanding 800 Euros for repairs. The carwalker was condemned to pay 300 Euros, but later appealed. His appeal was denied.


1.3. Reported cases Mexico

In Mexico City, a pedestrian activist called Peatonito, a mix of the Spanish words for pedestrian peaton and astonished atonito, is famous for walking over cars. He wears a Mexican wrestler mask, a cape and proclaims himself to be a superhero for pedestrians.

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