ⓘ Financial Transparency Coalition


ⓘ Financial Transparency Coalition

The Financial Transparency Coalition is a group that brings together civil society and governments around the world to stem illicit financial flows that are costing developing countries nearly a trillion dollars each year. The Coalition was formerly known as the Task Force on Financial Integrity and Economic Development.


1. Membership

According to its website, the members of the coordinating committee responsible for its operations are Centre for Budget and Governance Accountability, Christian Aid, Eurodad, Fundacion SES, Global Financial Integrity, Global Witness, LATINDADD, Tax Justice Network, Tax Justice Network Africa, and Transparency International. Coalition administration is managed by a neutral secretariat based at the Center for International Policy in Washington, DC.

The Coalition includes a non-voting Partnership Panel of Governments and Foundations. Its members are:

  • Government of Belgium
  • Government of France
  • Government of Greece
  • Government of Spain
  • Government of India
  • Government of Denmark
  • Government of the Netherlands
  • Ford Foundation
  • Government of Germany
  • Government of Norway
  • Leading Group on Innovative Financing for Development
  • Government of South Africa
  • Government of Chile
  • Government of Finland
  • Government of Peru
  • Canadian International Development Agency

2. Policy

The Coalition advocates around six policy areas for greater financial transparency – public country-by-country reporting of sales, profits, and taxes paid by multinational corporations; public registers of beneficial ownership of business entities; automatic cross-border exchange of tax information; open data; ensuring that the institutions making international standards are equitable; holding the enablers of illicit financial flows accountable.

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