ⓘ Providence-class cruiser

Providence-class cruiser

ⓘ Providence-class cruiser

Originally built as Cleveland -class light cruisers in the United States Navy during World War II, in 1957 three ships were re-designated as Providence -class guided missile light cruisers and fitted with the Terrier surface-to-air missile system. During the two year refit, the aft superstructure was completely replaced and all aft guns were removed to make room for the twin-arm Terrier launcher and a 120 missile storage magazine. Three large masts were also installed in order to hold a variety of radars, missile guidance, and communications systems. Providence and Springfield were simultaneously converted into fleet flagships, which involved removing two forward dual 5-inch and one triple 6-inch turrets, and replacing them with a massively rebuilt and expanded forward superstructure. Topeka, in the non-flagship configuration, retained the Cleveland -classs standard forward weapons: three dual 5-inch and two triple 6-inch turrets.

The same picture was in converting three other Cleveland -class ships to work with "surface to air" Talos missile defense system, the creation of a class of Galveston. Little Rock-Oklahoma city was outfitted as a flagship of the fleet, but Galveston was not.

Like the Galveston class cruisers, the class of the Providence ships suffered from serious stability problems caused by the topweight of the missile system that requires the use of ballast to improve stability. Cruisers also suffered from hogging of the hull.

All three Providence-class ships were decommissioned into the reserve fleet in the period between 1969 and 1974. In the 1975 cruiser realignment, Providence and Springfield were reclassified as guided missile cruiser CG. The ships were stricken from the Naval Register vessel, between 1974 and 1980, and eventually sold for scrap.

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