ⓘ Simferopol tram

Simferopol tram

ⓘ Simferopol tram

Simferopol Tramway was the part of the public transportation system that worked in Simferopol, the administrative center of the Taurida Governorate of the Russian Empire. The tram system had a narrow rail gauge of 1.000 mm.


1. History

The first test drives were carried out in June 1914. The official opening of the line was 13 August 1914. This line combined center with the railway station. In October 1914 in the city were three tram lines. During World War I and the Civil War virtually no trams plied. Tram traffic was restored March 12, 1924. In 1941, the depot was more than 50 cars. In November 1941 suspended plying of trams. During the Second World War was blown up tram depot burned 12 cars, dismantled the entire rail network and more than 100 steel poles. After the war, the movement was resumed in November 1944. The reconstruction of the tram network was completed in 1946 when four tram lines were working.

Since the 1955 start of deliveries of trams from the GDR. In 1957, most of the passengers were transported in the history of trams in Simferopol - 40 million. January 1, 1961 the city had 101 trams in the 57 railcars.

The last tram line closed December 1, 1970. The reason for the liquidation of trams was no spare parts. The maximum length of tram routes in the city was 33 km.


2. Routes

  • Route № 2 "Bitakskaya Street - Zastava"
  • Route № 4 "Railway Station - Oboronnaya Street"
  • Route № 1 "Railway Station - Center - Nizhnehospitalnaya Street"
  • Route № 3 "Hospital Place - Nizhnehospitalnaya Street"
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