ⓘ Hepu County

Hepu County

ⓘ Hepu County

Hepu, alternately romanized as Hoppo, Hopu or Hopu, is a county under the administration of Beihai City in southeastern Guangxi, China. It borders Lianjiang to the southeast, Bobai County to the northeast, the Gulf of Tonkin to the south, Qinzhou to the west, and Pubei County to the north. Then-Premier Li Peng called this place "the Southern Pearl County" in November 1992. The county was once known as Lianzhou. It has an area of 2.380 km 2 and a population of 930.914 as of 2003.

About 300.000 residents of Hakka origin.

  • Autonomous County Zhuang: Bahmax Yauzcuz Swci Yen, simplified Chinese: 巴马瑶族自治县 traditional Chinese: 巴馬瑤族自治縣 pinyin: Bāmǎ Yaozu Zìzhìxiàn is a county in Guangxi
  • Tian e Chinese: 天峨 pinyin: Tiān e Zhuang: Denhngoz Yen is a county of northwestern Guangxi, China, located on the upper reaches of the Hongshui River
  • Longlin Pan - Ethnicities Autonomous County Chinese: 隆林各族自治县 pinyin: Longlin Gezu Zìzhìxiàn is an autonomous county under the jurisdiction of the prefecture - level
  • Zhongshan County simplified Chinese: 钟山县 traditional Chinese: 鐘山縣 pinyin: Zhōngshān Xiàn Zhuang: Cunghsanh Yen is a county in the northeast of Guangxi
  • Xingye County simplified Chinese: 兴业县 traditional Chinese: 興業縣 pinyin: Xīngye Xiàn Zhuang: Hinghyez Yen is a county in the southeast of Guangxi
  • Rongshui Miao Autonomous County simplified Chinese: 融水苗族自治县 traditional Chinese: 融水苗族自治縣 pinyin: Rongshuǐ Miaozu Zìzhìxiàn Standard Zhuang: Yungzsuij
  • Du an Yao Autonomous County zhuang: Duhnganh Yauzcuz Swci Yen, simplified Chinese: 都安瑶族自治县 traditional Chinese: 都安瑤族自治縣 pinyin: Dū ān Yaozu Zìzhìxiàn
  • Yangshuo County simplified Chinese: 阳朔县 traditional Chinese: 陽朔縣 pinyin: Yangshuo Xiàn is a county under the jurisdiction of Guilin City, in the northeast
  • Rong an County simplified Chinese: 融安县 traditional Chinese: 融安縣 pinyin: Rong ān Xiàn Standard Zhuang: Yungz anh Yen is under the administration of

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