ⓘ 53 (number)

53 (number)

ⓘ 53 (number)

  • 53 written in hexadecimal is 35, that is, the same characters used in the decimal representation, but reversed. Four additional multiples of 53 share this property: 371 = 173 16, 5141 = 1415 16, 99481 = 18499 16, and 8520280 = 0820258 16. Apart from the trivial case of single-digit decimals, no other number has this property.
  • 53 cannot be expressed as the sum of any integer and its base-10 digits, making 53 a self number.
  • The sum of the first 53 primes is 5830, which is divisible by 53, a property shared by few other numbers.
  • Fifty-three is the 16th prime number. It is also an Eisenstein prime, and a Sophie Germain prime.
  • 53 is the smallest prime number that does not divide the order of any sporadic group.

1. In science

  • The atomic number of iodine


  • The New General Catalogue object NGC 53, a magnitude 12.6 barred spiral galaxy in the constellation Tucana
  • Messier object M53, a magnitude 8.5 globular cluster in the constellation Coma Berenices

2. In other fields

Fifty-three is:

  • 53-TET 53 tone, equal temperament is a musical temperament that has a fifth that is closer to pure than our current system.
  • In How the Grinch Stole Christmas!, and its animated TV special the Grinch says hes put up with the Whos Christmas cheer for 53 years.
  • The code for international direct dial phone calls to Cuba
  • The racing number of Herbie, a fictional Volkswagen Beetle with a mind of his own, first appearing in the 1968 film The Love Bug
  • 53 More Things To Do In Zero Gravity is a book mentioned in The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
  • "53rd & 3rd" a song by the Ramones
  • The number of bytes in an Asynchronous Transfer Mode packet.
  • "53 Days" a novel by Georges Perec
  • "53 Days" is a northeastern USA rock band
  • The number of Hail Mary beads on a standard, five decade Catholic Rosary the Dominican Rosary.
  • Fictional 53rd Precinct in the Bronx was found in the TV comedy "Car 54, Where Are You?"
  • UDP and TCP port number for the Domain Name System protocol.

3. Sports

  • Most field goals three-game series, NBA playoffs, by Michael Jordan, 1992
  • Most points by a rookie in an NBA playoff game, by Philadelphias Wilt Chamberlain, 1960
  • The maximum number of players on a National Football League roster